Family Mediation is highly successful in resolving disputes about money, property and arrangements for children. Mediation works at your pace, keeps costs to a minimum and helps you bring about fair and lasting agreements.

It is tempting to think that going to court is the best place to sort out divorce matters and ‘win the battle’ against your ex. However, the financial and emotional cost of court proceedings can be significant and the process can take many months, even years, to settle.

Mediation works alongside the Family Law system. All our mediators are up to date on latest legal developments and recent cases. We understand the steps you need to take to finalise your divorce and make provision for your future, and the lives of your children.

Mediators do not take sides – we are trained to make sure your discussions are calm, balanced and fair. We offer a safe space where you can talk freely and confidentially to settle your differences. We don’t tell you what to do but we can guide you through a range of options, based on our experience, to help you make your own decisions.

We know only too well that each case is unique and that all our clients have their own set of circumstances. Our role is to work with you to find the best possible outcome for your situation and help you draw up a set of agreed proposals, which can then be turned quickly and easily into a legally-binding document.

It is now widely accepted that when couples reach a resolution in mediation, the long-term emotional health and happiness of their children are notably better than when they fight out their issues in court.

To help bring about arrangements that have children’s best interests at heart, we can talk to children separately as part of the mediation process if both parents feel it would be useful to hear what they really think – and as long as the children want to talk to us.

And finally, mediation does work! Even the most intractable arguments can be resolved with the right encouragement and 85% of couples who attend mediation with an open mind reach agreement without going to court.


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